Introducing Broker

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What do we need from you?

Professional and skilled

Introducing Brokers can make use of the opportunities to upscale their knowledge and skills about trading. Moreover, they have to make sure that they know all the benefits of forex brokerage also they are able to sell our services to the clients.

Determined and Goal-Oriented

An Introducing Broker functions as a free and individualistic agent; they need the drive to be efficient. They must be an individual who is self-sufficient, capable of chasing new customers and ensuring that they are satisfied with the service they received.

Charismatic and Extrovert

Not really matter whether trading is included or not, Introducing Broker is truly a sales position. You need to sell out products if you ought to be an Introducing Broker and receive commissions, apart from all this you need to believe in it rather than just knowing about the project.

Niche and specialized

The best suited Introducing Broker will be the one who is expertise within the broker firm he is working in, however, that is not a requirement. The more ideas and knowledge you have about your partner, the more successful you will be in it. It is worth taking the time to learn about the special advantages that Finhood provides, or to browse through our marketing materials to discover new and unique selling points.

Educated and instinctive

Those who want to become an introducing broker will need a winning strategy; only through experience and knowledge can this strategy be created. Those who administer non-owned funds will also need to consider the legal ramifications and conditions involved. Nonetheless, if potential customers are to listen to them, IBs need to be able to develop a reputation.

The Finhood Difference

Your clients will also benefit

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Exceptional Liquidity

The full range of global markets benefit customers from unparalleled liquidity, price transparency and supersonic execution..

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Knowledge Is Power

Finhood provides complimentary education to live funded account holders driven by Finhood Academy as a value-added service.

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Gain access to Autochartist, the leading resource for making more informed trade decisions, and obtain updates in all asset classes to key levels of support and resistance.

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Tight spreads. No commissions

We provide our customers with comfortable trading conditions for each trading instrument through favorable and nominal spreads.

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Trading Leverage

Using leverage to ensure a nominal outlay of capital while trading large positions. You can select the leverage on standard accounts up to 1:300 and on ECN accounts up to 1:200.

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More than 200 Currency Pairs

You will get a chance to trade more than 200 currency pairs. Whether it is minors, majors or exotics whatsoever is your choice, you have complete access to free real time quotes and charts.

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Instant, reliable and very fast

Feel the difference on our Equinix driven supersonic trading platforms.

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Licensed and Regulated

Finhood is a trading name of IFX Brokers™ Holdings (Pty) Ltd (Registration No. 2017/027249/07). IFX Brokers™ Holdings (Pty) Ltd is an Issuer of CFDs and acts as counterparty to client transactions.



What are you waiting for?

No investment in the first place

Without any capital outlay Finhood partnership program allows you to generate income. Not many businesses offer such opportunity.

Access to myFinhoodPartners 24*7

Anytime you can access your personal data, commission, client trading outcomes and profits.

Commission Effective

Commissions are paid up to USD13 per round standard lot, the higher your price, the more your business grows.


Better Stats and Reports

You can track the efficiency of your marketing strategies.

Clear and Flexible Payment

Instantly rebates are credited to the account and you can withdraw it anytime depending on your needs and desires, it could be daily, weekly or monthly, anytime.

Promotional Tools

Whatever you need in order to promote your business through your marketing portals, Finhood will help you in providing all the necessary templates, banners, fb cover designs, contents and almost everything you need.


Remunerations received on your request


Partner receives commission equal to standard rebates paid to new customers, once they register themselves with our program. The commission might increase after the company considers the result and fixed variables of the partner’s executed traders (terms and conditions applied).


The most vital aspect of Finhood is that, we make the payments of your earnings on time. For crediting your Finhood Wallet, reliable partner payments are made instantly and rolled up daily.


There is a competitive commission arrangement for Finhood partners. You can earn a commission based on their operation as long as your customers continue to trade. Finhood does not enforce a refund profit limit, which ensures that the amount you receive depends entirely on your customers trading activity.


Rebate Scheme (Your Campaign) refers to the methodology used to pay your rebates. Speak to your account manager about your unique business criteria to provide you with a tailor-made solution.

(Traditional Affiliates)

After registering with the IFX Partnership program, a partner receives the commission which is equal to the Standard Rebates paid to new Partners.


We also give you a multi-level sub-Introducing Broker Partnership where you can take advantage of trades carried out by clients of your IB.


Rebate Campaign Example

You refer customers to Finhood and earn refund on their trade.


Each customer in the EURUSD currency pair traded 25 regular round lots. Your fee would be received within the month of billing

25 lots x $10 x 5 traders/clients



Total you receive in your Finhood wallet

* * Above is an example of the projected Finhood accounts earnings


Rebate Campaign Example

You refer clients to Finhood and earn refund on their trading activities.


Each customer in the EURUSD currency pair traded 25 regular round lots. Your fee would be received within the month of billing

25 lots x $10 x 5 traders/clients



Total you receive in your Finhood wallet

25 lots x $16.7%($10) x 9 traders/clients



Total you receive in your Finhood wallet

Finhood Partners

Quality enabled by Finhood

Partners can see the results of their work immediately-keep track of your earnings and much more. Partners get the full set of tools to refer customers to us, from traditional referral URLs to more advanced referrals via social media and other messaging forms. Increasing your earnings by expanding your business with our multi-tier functionality.

  • Monitor your earnings

  • Establish and implement marketing campaigns

  • Live data and reports can be accessed

  • Review your conversion statistics

Contests &

Finhood rewards the best of the best and even offers a lucky
draw for the lucky ones. For regular updates of who's on top,
check out our Facebook page.


The Best New Partner Award is given on a quarterly basis. Bring 10 new accounts with $20,000 or more deposits each, and you're in the game.

You are qualified for 1 position in our quarterly Lucky Draw for each of your clients who have entered a total of 15 trades.

Partner of the Year Award

The Best Performing Partner will be awarded annually in October and the winner will be determined by the amount of referred clients, total deposits and amounts traded by your customers.

*Terms and Conditions apply

It’s not like just work and no play

Respected and Rewarded

Finhood likes to celebrate our success. To thank our Partners for their hard work and dedication, we host regular Partner workshops. We host regular Partner workshops in order to thank our partners for the hard work they have done which is also a good opportunity for us to catch up with like minded people in an informal atmosphere.


Partner workshops are planned to take place in the main areas every 3 months. Before the case, you will receive a personalized invitation to reserve your seat.

To be part of the workshop, how much do I need to pay?

Workshops are open for all participating participants, and we would like to thank you for your commitment and dedication.

May I bring with me a guest?

You are more than welcomed for that, you are permitted to bring 2 guests with you but it is important they should be registered and confirmed prior to the event.

Why am I supposed to attend?

Finhood's business strategy is aimed at promoting performance. In doing so, we use these workshops not only to recognize the contributions of our colleagues, but also to fine-tune your experience and refresh your skills. Whether it's a 45 minute personal reward session or a successful Forex strategy, you're going to leave the workshop with the skills to take your business to the next level.

Let’s start

Sign up now

It is very easy as you don’t require an upfront investment and complex integration. Hundreds of partners have already joined Finhood this way.

In order to become a partner you need to sign up at
We will provide you with promo material & a unique link
Such products are used to attract new customers and take them to our website
The higher the trading volume, the more money you will make
Any person who registers a real account (i.e. makes a deposit) referred by you receives commissions.
If your referrals also become partners, you will also be commissioned by their referrals