Our Bespoke
Trading Accounts

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Finhood provides you the option of a variety of trading accounts that are uniquely
designed to meet the needs and demands of all types of traders.

Platform MT5 MT5 MT5
Range of Markets All Instruments All currencies, Gold & Silver All Instruments
Minimum Deposit USD 100 USD 250 USD 100
Minimum Deposit 0.01 lot 0.01 lot 0.01 lot
Maximum Trade Size 100 lots per click 100 lots per click 100 lots per click
Spreads From As low as 0.8 pips As low as 0.3 pips As low as 0.8 pips
Commission From Null USD 3 (one way) Null
Swap Fees Yes Yes No
Account Base Currencies ZAR, USD, GBP, EUR USD USD

Just another reason why we are better than anyone else as all
our live accounts gain access to the Finhood Academy

Without losing even a cent, explore the world of trading absolutely free

Demo account is the perfect way to explore trading for newcomers. The demo account's functionality is the same as the actual account, with the only exception being that you are trading with virtual money.

There's a lot of flexibility and transparency when you use virtual funds as you can prepare different trading strategies for virtual funds as well as seeing how our platforms operate.

Finhood Islamic Account

The Finhood Islamic Account is completely free of Riba and is a swap free account . It works by eliminating the normal swap charges for positions held overnight or over weekends.

Please be aware as you may be asked for a Proof of Faith documentary prior to the process of swap-free account.

Trading Platforms


Finhood MetaTrader 5

#1 Various trading platform for assets around the world

At a click of a button, now you can access 85 pre installed indicators which are reliable and truly secure.

Finhood’s MetaTrader5 comes with enhanced charting functionality and very experienced order management tools. Being a multilingual interface, it provides a complete analysis and allows for multiple chart setups.

Download From :

Going Down to Business

Finhood offers you the best possible prospects for trade.

We combine a move with outstanding execution for the lowest possible trading costs. The extensive trading suite of Finhood will more than fulfill all your trading needs.

For example, We provide more than 60 currency pairs, oil and natural gas and gold and silver.

Exceptionally low spread prices and rapid inter-bank implementation are combined. We have definitely extended our product range, but our focus remains on delivering the lowest possible price to Forex traders around the globe.Finhood focuses on a low latency/high-quality execution with flexible leverage and a reliable trading infrastructure.

For competitive spreads, if you partner for Finhood, the net trading costs will be much lower.

Indices are CFD's most popular form. Trading on indices, with a wide range of indices to choose from, allows investors to guess on whether an index will rise or fall without buying shares in the underlying assets. In this sense, an index can be traded just as stock, currency or commodity would be traded.

We offer a wide range of soft commodity products for trade in addition to energy and metal contracts, including coffee, sugar, soyabeans, corn, and wheat as CFD's. Doesn't it sounds interesting? And it is, provided you’re familiar with the fundamentals of soft commodity trading.World growth is the long-term driver of commodity prices since, among many other needs people will inevitably always need food, clothes, transportation and electronic devices.

A CFD is an offshoot of a financial asset by which it derives its value. In most situations, the underlying asset is stock, while indices and other assets are also correlated with CFDs. A CFD helps you to trade in price rises and falls without owning the underlying asset.

A CFDs standard meaning states that it is a two-party agreement that involves a buyer and a seller. If there is a positive balance between the asset’s opening price and its price at the contract’s conclusion, the seller pays the buyer. The buyer pays the seller in the reverse situation. Trading CFD is like trading in stocks, but you don't own the stock. To speculate, you use the stock price fluctuations. If you want to improve your financial market skills to try new areas of interest, learning CFD trading is important.

Let’s understand Trading

As always, we have planned our trading conditions with you in mind and there is no chance that they follow the highest global standards. At Finhood, we are very much focused on ensuring smooth, profitable and efficient trading experience.


The MetaTrader 5 platform delivers variable spreads. It is very true that connectivity with ECN means that we can deliver market-leading spreads. More than 40 banks and dark pool liquidity sources price into our ECN at any given time.It keeps our spreads close and deep liquidity-24 hours in a day and 5 days in a week.


A forex swap price, or rollover, has to do with overnight interest deducted or added when position is hold on to open overnight. It might be paid or earned. The actual overnight interest rate difference between the two paired currencies and whether the selected position is buy ' long ' or sell ' short ' is determined by the swap / roll-over rates.

The table below outlines the typical spreads of our common forex pairs

Symbol IFX Standard Standard Spread
RAW Spread
Isamic Spread
EURUSD Euro - US Dollar 0.8 0.3 8.0
GPBUSD Pound Sterling-US Dollar 1.2 0.5 12.0
USDCHF US Dollar - Swiss Franc 1.2 0.5 12.0

Our Servers - Your Benefits

Only investment banks and large hedge funds are competing with our servers. We use multi-tiered, best bid / offer aggregation software to execute business faster than an eye's blink.

Online trading systems and strategies are entirely dependent on their execution infrastructure in an increasingly competitive, volatile and unpredictable global trading environment. It’s no longer calculated by minutes but by milliseconds to make or lose money.

We are very proud to be connected with Equinix, a NASDAQ listed concern, based in New York and London.

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99.9% MT4 Uptime

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Process Ability

150 Unique price feeds at speed

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Execution Speed

2.5 millisecond

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Executed Trades

Up to 500000 trades executed per msec

The Equinix London Facility

The high-performance data center for Equinix consists of a state-of - the-art network of execution sites, bank trading servers, and buy / sell side firms.Through the Equinix Financial eXchange we are linked to Equinix, allowing us access to the largest range of low latency networks. In turn, with our strategic partners and consumers, we could share data directly.

Optical Fibre Cross-Connection

Everyone knows that optic fiber is quicker and much more powerful than a normal internet connection. Through the Equinix optical fiber link, we are linked in micro-milliseconds to Integral and countless other providers. It ensures that rates of latency are drastically reduced and instructions are performed at maximum speed, regardless of where you are in the world.

Come in and take a tour of the Equinix NY4 Facility

The Equinix NY4 site, the epicenter of the financial hub of Equinix, provides 60 + exchanges and trading platforms, 400 + buying and selling side companies, more than 150 financial service providers operating over 675 + network bandwidth options.

VPS Co-Location

As part of the Equinix NY4 network, our customers have access to almost unlimited VPS (Virtual Private Server) solutions. These virtual private servers, mostly for Forex traders, allowing them to run automated algorithmic strategies on a virtual machine, literally 24/7.

In short, many liquidity providers are managed by the servers using multi-tiered best bid/ offer technology to process the quotes spreading live interbanks relentlessly. Once you place a trade, it is automatically linked to the cheapest current liquidity provider at the best available price.In return, we will remind our customers of the lowest latency and the highest execution speeds, challenged only by certain investment banks and major hedge funds.

Our live trading servers run by Equinix are ready to trade anywhere in the world, located in London's major financial centers. As such, at the requested amount, approximately 99 percent of Finhood orders are executed.

Trading Hours

As always, our trading conditions were designed with you in mind and it’s no coincidence that
they conform to the highest global standards. IFX Brokers™ are single-mindedly focused on ensuring that
your trading experience is streamlined and profitable.

CURRENCY PAIRS Trading Hours (server time) Daily Break (server time)
All Daily: 00:01 – 23:59
All Friday: 00:01 – 23:57
SPOT METALS Trading Hours (server time) Daily Break (server time)
All Daily: 00:01 – 23:59
ENERGIES Trading Hours (server time) Daily Break (server time)
XTI/USD 01:00 – 23:59
Friday: 01:00 – 23:57
XNG/USD 01:00 – 23:59
Friday: 01:00 – 23:57
XBR/USD 01:00 – 23:59
Friday: 03:00 – 23:57
SOFT COMMODITIES Trading Hours (server time) Daily Break (server time)
Corn 03:00 – 21:20 15:45 - 16:30 | 21:20 – 03:00
Coffee 11:16 – 20:30 20:30 – 11:16
Soybean 03:00 – 21:15 15:45 - 16:30 | 21:15 – 03:00
Sugar 10:31 – 20:00 20:00 – 10:31
Wheat 04:00 – 22:20 16:45 – 17:30 | 22:20 – 04:00
FUTURES Trading Hours (server time) Daily Break (server time)
Brent Crude Oil
Futures (Brentxx)
Monday Open: 01:00
Friday Close: 23:15
WTI Crude Oil
Futures (WTIxx)
Monday Open: 01:00
Friday Close: 23:15
00:00 - 01:00
US Volatility Index
Futures (VIXxx)
Monday Open: 00:01
Friday Close: 23:57
23:15 – 23:30
YS Dollar Index
Futures (DXYxx)
Monday Open: 00:01
Friday Close: 23:57
00:00 – 03:00
Index Reference Trading Hours (server time) Daily Break (server time)
200 Index
02:50 - 09:30, 10:10 - 24:00
(Monday Open 02:50,
Friday Close 23:57)
24:00 - 02:50,
09:30 - 10:10
US30 DJIA Index 01:00 - 23:15, 23:30 - 23:59
(Monday Open 1:00,
Friday Close 23:15)
23:15 - 23:30,
23:59 - 01:00
US500 E-mini S & P
500 Index
01:00 - 23:15, 23:30 - 23:59
(Monday Open 1:00,
Friday Close 23:15)
23:15 - 23:30,
23:59 - 01:00
UK1000 FTSE 100
02:50 - 09:30, 10:10 - 24:00
(Monday Open 02:50,
Friday Close 23:57)
00:15 - 01:00
DE30 Xetra DAX
02:50 - 09:30, 10:10 - 24:00
(Monday Open 02:50,
Friday Close 23:57)
00:15 - 01:00
ES35 IBEX-35
11:00 - 22:00
(Monday Open 11:00,
Friday Close 22:00)
22:00 - 11:00
11:00 - 19:40
(Monday Open 11:00,
Friday Close 19:40)
19:40 - 11:00
F40 CAC 40
08:00 - 22:00
(Monday Open 8:00,
Friday Close 22:00)
22:00 - 08:00
STOXX50 Dow Jones
50 Index
10:00 - 23:59
(Monday Open 10:00,
Friday Close 23:57)
00:00 – 10;00
US2000 Russell 2000
00:01 - 01:00, 03:00 - 23:59
(Monday Open 1:00,
Friday Close 23:57)
01:00 – 03:00
USTEC E-mini Nasdaq
01:00 - 23:15, 23:30 - 23:59
(Monday Open 1:00,
Friday Close 23:00)
23:15 - 23:30
23:59 - 01:00
JP225 Nikkei 225
01:00 - 23:15, 23:30 - 23:59
(Monday Open 1:00,
Friday Close 23:15)
23:59 - 01:00,
23:15 - 23:30
12:15 - 20:00, 04:00 - 11:30
(Monday Open 3:00,
Friday Close 19:00)
20:00 - 04:00,
11:30 - 12:15
HK50 Han Seng
04:15 - 07:00, 08:00 - 11:30, 12:15 - 18:45
(Monday Open 04:15,
Friday Close 18:45)
18:45 - 04:15,
07:00 - 08:00,
11:30 - 12:15
WIG20 Poland 20
09:46 - 17:50
(Monday Open 09:46,
Friday Close 17:50)
17:50 - 09:46